On Saturday, August 22nd between 8am and 6pm (PST), the Children’s Oncology Group IT department will conduct an IT Disaster Recovery test to ensure that COG systems can reliably and effectively support critical business operations in the event of a disaster affecting the COG Operations/Statistics and Data Center. During this testing period, all COG systems will be unavailable for use by COG Members and COG staff.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following systems and services:
·         Patient registration, reservation, enrollment, callback, manual treatment assignments and study data entry in eRDES/OPEN/RDE1 (Data entry in Medidata Rave will not be affected)
·         All COG Web and desktop applications (e.g., COG Member Web site, Manuscript Review, etc.)
·         All COG network related systems and services (e.g., email, VPN, helpdesk, etc.)
Please plan accordingly to ensure business continuity during this time period.

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