Children's Oncology Group Family Handbook


The Children's Oncology Group Family Handbook provides families with reliable information about treatment, support, and follow-up care for children and young people with cancer.

The New Diagnosis Guide is designed to use with the Family Handbook for focused teaching of essential content at the time of diagnosis. The Caring for Your Child at Home slide set is a teaching tool designed for use with the New Diagnosis Guide. Click here for more information on how to use the New Diagnosis Guide and Slide Set.

The COG KidsCare App contains the entire COG Family Handbook and New Diagnosis Guide in searchable format, plus journaling, one-touch dialing, appointment tracking, and more. Available on the App Store or Google Play or click here for QR code.

The New Diagnosis Guide for Teens and Young Adults (AYA New Diagnosis Guide) is designed as a teaching tool for adolescents and young adults with cancer, and contains the essential content that they need at the time of diagnosis.

All of these resources are available at the links below in English, Spanish, and French.


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Family Handbook

New Diagnosis Guide

New Diagnosis Guide Slide Set

AYA New Diagnosis Guide

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*Please be aware that the Family Handbook and New Diagnosis Guide are copyrighted by the Children’s Oncology Group and that modification of the Family Handbook or New Diagnosis Guide content is prohibited, including deleting, editing, or adding to the text. Institutions are allowed to print the COG Family Handbook and New Diagnosis Guide for distribution to patients and familes at their centers.


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