Return of Research Results Portal: Frequently asked questions

1. How do I find the study that either I or my child took part in?

There are several ways to find the study you or your child took part in.

a. Type in a key word or phrase into the Search box (example acute lymphoblastic leukemia)
The search box will show all studies with the word or phrase of interest in the title or abstract.

b. If you know the study number, please type this into the Search box and the specific study should come up (example AREN0532 denotes a Wilms tumor study).

c. If you cannot think of a key word or name of the study, please ask your institution’s health care team to assist you.

2. What studies are included in these result summaries?

Any Children’s Oncology Group studies that were completed from January 2010 onwards will have their lay summaries posted, once available.

3. How do I find the results of studies before January 2010?

The COG will not be posting lay summaries for these studies. If you wish results, please ask your institutional care team about the results.

4. What kind of results will be posted on this website?

Only summaries of COG research studies will be posted on the website. Individual results are never posted. If you wish to discuss more personal information, please discuss this with your institutional health care team.

5. When will the results be available?

The research study may take many years to finish enrolling enough participants to answer the main research questions with confidence. Even after the last patient has enrolled, the study results may take a year to be released as it takes time to be sure the results are accurate. If you register your email address linked with the study of interest on the website, you will be automatically notified when the lay summary is posted.
Note that sometimes further results will become available with time. You will be notified each time a new summary is posted.
Version 02/11/2013

6. What happens if my email address is no longer valid?

You are responsible for keeping your registered email address current. COG will not attempt to trace email accounts that are no longer active. You can update your registered email address at any time through the website.    Your email address will be kept for 10 years and then automatically purged. You must re-register beyond that time if you still want notification of new summary results.

7. Who creates the lay summaries?

The research summaries are put together by a team from COG. The nursing committee will draft the summary and it will be reviewed by a member of the Patient Advocacy Committee, the study chair and a statistician prior to being posted on the website. All this is to make sure the summaries are readable and accurate.

8. Can other people see which study I or my child was on?

No personal information is posted on this website. Only summaries of studies will be posted. You or your child will not be identified in any way.

9. What if I have further questions about the study?

We urge you to speak with your institutional health care team if you have further questions about the results of the study. We recommend not contacting the study chair, as they do not know you or your child in terms of putting your health care needs in context.

10. What if I am having trouble figuring out the website?

Please contact the COG website team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any technical website issues that you identify. All questions related to interpreting the content of the lay summaries should be directed to your institutional health care team.