New Drug Development

The Children’s Oncology Group is the most experienced organization in the world in clinical development of new therapeutics for children with cancer. A dedicated network of up to 21 institutions provides the necessary infrastructure for the conduct of pediatric phase 1 trials and pharmacokinetic studies. Our experienced investigators have in-depth experience in the design and conduct of early phase cancer trials in children, with the ability to deliver data to support regulatory submissions in a time and cost-effective manner.

The COG drug development experience extends into phase 2 trials. Given how rare childhood cancers are, the COG network is a proven mechanism to accrue eligible subjects to clinical trials of promising new therapies. COG offers the ability to leverage an existing remote data entry system, or to work directly with industry sponsors or CROs. The COG has a proven track record of delivering results that matter.

Phase 3 trials require thorough, extensive planning. Given the potential number of subjects required for such studies, such planning often begins several years before initiation of a study. Prioritization of potential phase 3 studies is undertaken by a national or international group of leading childhood cancer specialists and scientists. For these, reasons, it is critically important to engage with COG whenever considering the need to explore a phase 3 trials in children with cancer. COG is there to not only partner, but to provide in depth guidance in childhood cancer study development.

To learn more, email COG Industry Sponsored Trials Program (IST) at or call (626) 241-1512. The Children’s Oncology Group – The world’s childhood cancer experts.